Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Your registration in coinWjob-site means you agree to use the General Terms of Service (“Terms of Service”) of this WebSite.

By registering and using coinWjob services, you have in fact complied with rules of coinWjob under this statement.  Do not use its services if you do not agree with coinWjob privacy policy.  We will not provide services to users who are not members of our site.

There is information in this statement that you should read at any time.

  • As well, “coinWjob” or “us” means service provider – coinWjob website, at https://coinwjob.com.
  • User” or “You” means any person who needs access to our services for business, business or professional purposes. On other hand, these services are only for business owners, merchants and people who have registered on our site to use them and have created an account. So, we do not enter into agreements with their customers. Customer or user is same person who uses any of coinWjob services provided on coinWjob website by registering their user information (which is listed in registration form).
  • Content” includes any information, data, video, media, audio and video recorded, files, graphics, resources, and like that is sent, uploaded and / or downloaded to user’s account.
  • Candidate: A person who specializes in doing something.
  • Employer: A person or company that hires a candidate to fulfill or complete a project.

Should be mentioned, terms and conditions contained in this statement, which the user agreed to at time of registration, are considered as an alternative to all previous agreements.


Registration & Use of Service

You must have an account to use coinWjob services.  Accounting for this account may only be possible using your username and password, so you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account login details. Moreover, you are responsible for using your account, especially for any activity related to users of your account (“multiple users”).

In registration section of coinWjob services, you select your account type and packages.

  • You must purchase the item of accessing to services for your business or career.
  • Strive to maintain, present, and update your personal and business information in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Terms of service and privacy policy on this website are consistent.
  • All laws relating to you, such as local laws, the rules for using electronic and communication devices, and the protection of your personal information, are in accordance with the country in which you live, therefore, the coinWjob site is not responsible for any of above.
  • You can receive your bills via e-mail and communication in previous bills section of your account.

Moreover, full access to paid version of service will be implemented as soon as you apply for your services according to its plan and tariff.

As well, you can share your account information with a third party, so it won’t be in the realm of coinWjob privacy. One of the advantages of coinWjob is that it has links to other sites inside and outside the site (such as social networks). Not to mention, these sites are not under control of coinWjob site. So, coinWjob site is not responsible for content of these sites, including other links that may be on these sites (not limited to the site itself). On other hand, coinWjob provides these links for your convenience, which does not imply endorsement or liaison between us and their administrators. Sites that are linked in ads or pages of coinWjob site are implement by people outside the coinWjob site, so, coinWjob site is not responsible for them and does not guarantee them. At time of registration, you agree to be liable for any damages and possible damages caused by loss or other malicious files that may result from loss or use of site’s data and files.  There will be links on the coinWjob site.

Should be mentioned, currently, it is possible to use all services provided on coinWjob site with a browser.  During the registration, by accepting terms of use, you acknowledge that you are aware of this issue and that you are responsible for informing participants of your online events, so, coinWjob has no obligation in this regard.  Whenever additional features such as coinWjob app are added for use, this will be notified via coinWjob site.


Prohibited Actions

If you indirectly or intentionally infringe any applicable laws, copyrights and any other rights of a third party or any other person, you will be prohibited from using our services.  In other words, we will cancel your membership if your performance on site is such as to cause damage to coinWjob service. As well, this rule applies to content provided through the service.

You are responsible for all content, activities related to your account and the use of links taken from third party websites.

We do not endorse or claim ownership of any content, including: titles, all your rights and interests in connection with the contents of your account (except for the materials you receive from our sources).

CoinWjob does not store or store information other than the information we need to provide our services.  coinWjob uses your account information only to provide services and will not benefit us in any other way.

Moreover, your information and activities are not controlled by coinWjob unless you make a mistake or break the rules.  So, coinWjob can cancel your account without informing you, delete, change or block your profile content. CoinWjob is not responsible for damages resulting from errors and violations by users.

Should be explained, if you violate the rules, we can block your access to our services if you see fit and at any time.  In this condition, we are not obligated to refund or return the money to you.


Payable Amount

Payable amount for this service will be in advance.  All service costs are paid according to shared plan you have chosen and use terms of services.

We can change the cost of services at any time, in this regard, change of free service to paid services and payment of services that were previously provided for free.

All amounts paid under the agreement for a service are non-refundable.


Technical Requirements

Whenever you want to upload an image that you want to use, if the image upload process in your account is in correct format suggested by coinWjob, it means that this process is correct and image is displayed in its correct format.  After uploading a photo to account, its format can be adjusted according to the needs of the service, such a modification may affect the quality of the photo or other features of the file. So, you agree that image quality may be different from quality of original files.


Availability of services

CoinWjob is able to make necessary changes, new equipment and functions with its discretion in service it offers to its customers.  These changes will not have a negative impact on the service it provides.  (Of course, for any such changes, coinWjob will notify you via email the day before any changes are made).

If users do not complete the email activation process successfully, coinWjob can delete the account that did not confirm their email at any time without prior notice.

Customer Service, Technical Support

CoinWjob technically supports its users.

You can send all your questions, doubts, criticisms and complaints to customer support team using coinWjob website form.  You only need to fill in the form with your account name or name.

Technical support will respond your questions as soon as possible and inform the user about status of your case.  Usually, necessary respond will be given within one day after receiving the request.

Whenever you fill out a form under another name, it will be considered anonymous and your application will expire.


Data Protection

All precise information about privacy and personal information is fully specified in privacy policy, and that is an integral part of this agreement (the terms of use of the coinWjob service).


Intellectual Property

Software, hardware, service and other content on our site such as logos, graphics, text, button icons, images, audio clips, video tutorials, products and brands are owned by coinWjob or its content providers which is protected and maintained in accordance with international copyright laws.

Should be mentioned, scripts and names of services provided through coinWjob and registered trademarks are also the exclusive property of coinWjob and any use for commercial purposes is prosecuted.  Users may use, download or copy information for commercial purposes, use derivatives of the coinWjob website or any of its services or content, any use of data mining, robots or similar methods such as data collection & they are not extraction tools. So, all these rights are explicitly reserved for coinWjob.


Other User / Customer Obligations

When using any of coinWjob services, users are responsible for maintaining confidentiality of their accounts and passwords. So, responsibility for all activities related to account or password is the responsibility of the users.  As well:

  1. By completing registration form (Membership Form) and clicking the membership / purchase service button, user announces his official request to join in coinWjob-WebSite and use of purchased service.
  2. User is responsible for protecting the information necessary to log in to system and use of its services, therefore, site has no obligation to do so.


Other Content Tips

© All content on coinWjob site such as copyright law is belongs to coinWjob.

CoinWjob is trying to provide all of its services and uses references, original, up-to-date sources and approved by international standards in order to content creation. Moreover, coinWjob does not guarantee that the content inserted on the site is error-free.

CoinWjob website is not responsible for removing pages from your site or unreliable and offline links. Services of site are provided as they are, and coinWjob site is not responsible under any circumstances for delays or non-functioning of site, which may be due to natural causes, manpower, computer equipment failure, internet problems, telecommunications, etc.


Other tips for purchasing the services provided on coinWjob WebSite

To use the services of website, users must purchase one or more services provided on coinWjob website due to their needs.  Naturally, after purchasing one or more of services provided on coinWjob website, users will not be able to request a refund under any circumstances. CoinWjob website is not responsible for any refunds for purchasing one or several services offered on coinWjob-WebSite.