Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


CoinWjob is aware of your good intentions, so we are grateful for your trust.  This policy text shows you the privacy of Weberno.  By registering your information in coinWjob, we can confirm things like reading, understanding and agreeing to terms of this website.  Defining a user on coinWjob website means that someone has visited the site or used the site to create an account and purchase the services they need.

CoinWjob is committed to keeping this information confidential in accordance with e-commerce laws and Consumer Protection Act regarding the personal information of registered users.

CoinWjob protects and respects the privacy of individuals who use and are members of it.

CoinWjob is committed to protecting your privacy as much as possible.  In this regard, this website is trying to develop the technology needed to ensure more security and safety for your use of the site.  Using coinWjob will help you show your satisfaction with this policy.


Method of processing users’ information

CoinWjob collects the personal information of users who are members in our site. Since, the nature of services provided on coinWjob-website, users’ personal information may be requested when registering on the site, such as:

  1. Name & Surname
  2. Username
  3. Email address to log in Web-Site
  4. Password
  5. Contact number
  6. Country of residence
  7. City
  8. Address

On other hand, may be asked you for other personal information, such as:

  1. Company name
  2. Name of educational institution

Moreover, in some cases, coinWjob uses user registration information to validate users and give them access to the service. As well, it uses email addresses in registered information to communicate with users. Sometimes, coinWjob notifies changes made in the way of servicing or planning via email to its users.

It is voluntary to provide personal information to use certain services on the Site. Should be mentioned, sometimes, avoiding providing specific information may deprive the user of all or part of service’s features. Whenever the items on registration site form change, user is obliged to update their information in that form according to those changes.


 Participants’ outsourced’ personal information processing method

CoinWjob respects and values ​​the user who shares his or her personal information with us, and we strive to maintain its security. Should be explained, coinWjob does not in any way give or sell its user information to other people or even share it with them.


Method of clearing the processed data and information

Whenever a user deletes their account, coinWjob will delete all user and participant information, including statistical information about the account and all user account information. Moreover, all data will be permanently removed from the service and it is not even possible to recover it. As well, all information of participants of events must be stored by user before deleting its account, saving this information on coinWjob site will not be possible if you decide to delete the account.


Information Security

Us believe are maintaining the security of each user’s personal information as one of our most important responsibilities.

Should be explained, we restrict access to user’s and participants’ personal information to a group of employees and others who need to know the information to help us in business or provide products or services to the user.  Moreover, all personal information of each user or participant is protected by maintaining physical and electronic safety in accordance with established security standards and procedures. Saving all user and participant information on our site is limited.  Some limited employees who need information to do a particular job (as example, an accounting employee or a customer support representative) have access to sensitive information.

When our users are asked to provide us with sensitive information such as name, geographic address, email address and contact number, we process it using a reputable processor.

CoinWjob keeps its servers in a safe, secure environment & with supporting and monitoring to protect data secure and prevent unauthorized access.

We are not able to guarantee the security of user data via Internet and servers that are out of our control. So, our aim is to protect user’s personal information. CoinWjob is not able to guarantee the security of information that is transmitted to or from other sites or services.  Any transfer of data that the user makes via Internet is responsibility of person and coinWjob is not responsible for it.